Steve's Portfolio

Cantina Restaurant Concept Plan (Image Board 1, Image Board 2)
This was a small exciting project that was a lot of fun.  The idea was to expand the existing Mexican Restaurant near the Mexican Pavilion.   The challenge in this project was to maximize the outdoor seating area while maintaining a hacienda feel in the design (Concept Plan).   I studied several  ideas in SketchUp working with the client to find the right style and combination of materials to bring the design together.  I am not sure if this will actually be built as shown.  The project program has changed and the original ideas are under review by the Owner.

Saratoga Springs (Splash Deck, Main Pool, Shrub Plan)
This was a challenging project that I really enjoyed.  Overall I spent almost eight years working on various phases for Saratoga Springs.  One of the initial issues that needed to be addressed was utilizing the original Institute buildings in the new resort.  My first idea was to theme it after Camden Maine as it had the strong New England architecture and the concept was to take up the elevation change between the restaurant and the pool deck with rockwork.  Through the design and review process the theme was changed to Saratoga Springs but many of the elements from the original concept remain.

As the project progressed and more phases were added it became apparent that another themed pool was needed.   Thus the current racetrack themed pool was added.  The design of the “Starting Gate” feature was another interesting challenge and I really enjoyed visiting the manufacturer’s workshop in Montreal.  Seeing it all come together in a very successful project was well worth the work.
HGVC International Drive (Tree Plan, Layout Plan)
Being a part of this award winning project was an amazing experience.  From the moment you step foot into the porte cochere the sound of rushing water greats you.  The site is full of fountains with the grandest of them all being the bowl on the main pool.  Watching this project come together from the workshop to the jobsite and from the drawing boards to the grand opening was quite an experience.

HGVC Parc Soleil (Pool Deck, Trellis, Site Features)
This project is located right in the center of the three main theme parks areas here in Orlando. There were many challenges on this project but the end result is really great.  The “conservatory” structure not only provides an icon and focal point for the pool area but also houses the pool slide.  I also enjoyed working on the shade structure over the children’s play area.  The shade sails liven up this area and provide much needed shade on the play equipment.

Watercolor Inn (Grading Plan, Landscape Details, Trellis)
This is a small luxury resort in the Florida pan-handle.  It was a unique project to work on with fantastic architectural style and a wonderful location.  The landscape reflects both the architecture in the building as well as the coastal dune environment.  I learned a lot working with the team on this project.